If you discover that the structure under your roof has been damaged you will need more than a roofer.

If this happens just call Taylored Restoration.

We understand the urgency as well as the sense of the fear due to the unknown; no one expects to find problems under their shingles. We can help. Our team will examine your entire roof’s structure, help assess the next steps and make recommendations. If an engineer or the municipality needs to be involved we will help get them there quickly. You will get a written scope of work and details as they become available. Our customer service and estimators are excellent at providing you with updates and communication. The process is stressful when it’s an unexpected repair, but when the work is complete your roof’s performance will be greatly improved.

We solve problems with: rotten roofs, truss damage and load, eaves and overhangs, impact damage, water infiltration, insulation, ventilation and ice dams.

Roof Restoration
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Roof Restoration
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