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Rot Repair

Did you know that rot can surprisingly happen right under your nose without you even knowing? A few common areas you can experience rot is from a long term leak in a chimney flue, alongside your shower or a roof leak. These can all go undetected and not be discovered until long after the damage has already happened.

To put it lightly, rot is a mess and it needs to be treated before your home can be put back together again. Here at Taylored Restoration, we can quickly assess the damage and piece things back together. We know how to safely remove mold and rot so it doesn’t affect your family We also know how to put preventative measures in place to keep rot from spreading. Our estimators will create a scope of work with a proper engineer if warranted, and complete the job quickly!

If you are worried about rot please give us a call today. We have considerable experience in solving the problems of Roof rot, sub-floor rot, and framing rot!

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