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History Behind Taylored Restoration

Updated: Jan 24

Tayored Restoration is a very proud Alaska family owned and operated company. Founded in 1972 as a remodeling company by Larry and Elaine Taylor. In 1986 Taylored expanded their focus to include restoration of homes after fire and flood damage. In 1992 Lisa and Trent Taylor joined parents Larry and Elaine working full time at the company after completing their formal education. The company is currently owned by Trent Taylor. This new generation grew up in the business and will continue to strive to always do the right thing. Taylored will always try to make decisions that are in the best interest for customers. We have completed thousands of residential and commercial projects, yet we are more proud of the number of return customers. We pride ourselves on putting our clients first and we have learned the extreme value of our customers and their referrals. We became dedicated to being customer-focused. It is you, as the customer that will benefit from this legacy. We hope we have the opportunity to have you become one of our “Customer’s for Life.”

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