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We Can Handle The Tough Stains!

We all know that our pets are our family, we love them and allow them to get away with just about anything. We know that often time pets do follow the rules but can have an accident from time to time.

If your pet is having consistent accidents around the house and you need those tough stains removed we can help! Our carpet-cleaning technicians are trained under the national guidelines established by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and we have truck-mounted units with the best equipment available. We can also spot-clean and apply protector to your carpet.

When your pet does have an accidental emergency keep in mind that you will need to keep the area damp before someone arrives. Do not scrub the stain instead use hot water and a hot damp towel to keep the stain moist. This will help get the best clean possible. When we arrive we will work on stain and odor removal!

If it is time to get your carpets cleaned give us a call!

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