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Is It Time For a New Deck?

Summer season is officially here and that means we will be spending more and more time outdoors! Nothing is better than spending time out on the back deck grilling up your favorite food and enjoying time together!

A really quick way to bring your good time to a screeching halt is an unsafe outdated deck. If you are seeing signs of wear and tear it might be time to replace your space!

Here are a few very important signs to look for.

Sagging from substructure damage. If you step back a few feet away from your deck do you see bowed or sagging boards? If you answer yes. You’re likely to find substructure damage underneath the deck boards.

Splitting, cracking, or warped boards. The tough winters here in Alaska take a toll on your deck. Even hardwood decking that last decades can not stand the test of time. If you see serious signs of weathering it might be time to replace!

Wood Rot. Rot is oftentimes easily detected by the touch of the wood it will be spongy and soft. You will also see discoloration. Another sign is if your deck has a lot of give when you walk across it. If this is the case you will need to replace the affected boards as soon as possible.

Nails or screws will not hold. If you are seeing screws or nails pop after hammering them back into place. That is a telltale sign it is time to start fresh and rebuild or replace your outdoor space.

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