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Is It Time For New Windows?

Are your windows starting to show wear and tear? If you are starting to see wood rot on your windows it may be time to replace them. Wood rot happens when a fungal spore settles on the wood and begins to eat away at the structure. Those spores will begin to grow when exposed to humidity and the rot will accelerate. Which over time will lead to the wood falling apart. A great way to test if your windows are affected by wood rot is to simply feel the wood for damage. Wood that is rotting has a very particular texture it will be soft and spongey. The most commonly effected area of your window is the exterior trim, window sill and frame.

Wood rot will not only affect the structure of your home but can have also impact your health. Mold is a serious issue and rotting wood holds moisture, bacteria and mold. We are experienced in treating wood rot, water damage, and mold. Our team of highly trained professionals to help you get your windows back in working order!

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