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Is It Time For Moss Removal?

Updated: Jan 24

There are TWO ways to remove moss from a roof... The Taylored Restoration way and the wrong way! We here at Taylored specialize in removing moss the correct way. We treat the roof with "moss killer" detergent using low pressure, high-volume soft wash system.

What you don't want to do when removing moss from your roof is to apply a high-pressure washer this causes a loss of protective surface granules and lifts the tabs of the shingle it will actually break their seals. The last thing you want to do while attempting to remove moss from your roof if break the seal and compromise the shingles as that can lead to a whole new problem for your roof!

If you do see moss on your roof please consider giving us a call sooner rather than later. Moss can severely damage the structural integrity of any type of roof. As it absorbs moisture it establishes roots on your roof and can start to lift shingles causing mold and bacteria to grow. The last thing we want is for you to be dealing with mold, bacteria, and compromised roofing.

We are here to help give us a call today!

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