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Prepping Your Yard and Garden

They often time say April showers bring May flowers. Is that true in Alaska? We tend to see colder weather well into spring but that shouldn't stop you from getting outdoors and prepping your yard and garden for the warmer months ahead!

Here are a few helpful tips you can start doing today to help prep your yard and garden for the spring and summer!

If you are a gardener start your seedlings indoors to give them a fighting chance in preparation for exterior planting! You can start to prep your garden beds now by sprinkling dark river sand or ashes over the snow covering to expedite snow removal process!

Worried about pests or weeds? No problem throw down Typar this will work better than plastic. It is woven so it allows the water from the rain to penetrate through!

Once the weather warms, weeds are removed and seeds are planted be sure to water your yard and garden! A really helpful tip is to water with warm water. An easy way to do this is by filling up your watering can in the morning and setting it out in the sun let it warm throughout the day once warmed apply water to your garden!

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