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Spring Home Projects

If you are spending more time indoors lately then normal we have a few fun hope projects you can tackle!

PAINT THE WALLS: Have you been dreading painting your house? Now is the time to get it done! Get the whole family involved to help, nothing like a streamline process to get the job done quickly and efficiently! Plus a fresh coat of paint will look fantastic going into the new season!

PRESSURE WASH: Nothing says, "hello spring" like a fresh and clean exterior!

REORGANIZE THE GARAGE, ATTIC, OR STORAGE: Get everyone in on this project! Pull out and sort through what you need, what you don’t need and time taking a trip down memory lane while doing it as you discover old items that have been hidden away!

UPDATE YOUR KITCHEN OR BATHROOM HARDWARE: A fun and affordable update that can really breath some life into an outdated space. Get everyone involved by pulling up your favorite new pieces online and voting on what you like best! Then place an order and install upon arrival!

ORGANIZE YOUR PANTRY: A really fun and easy way to do this is pull everything out and check to make sure you don’t have any expired goods. If you do you can rid your pantry of them! Then sort though and group all cans together, boxed goods, snacks etc. Keep everything sorted so you know exactly what you have on hand!

CLEAN OR PAINT YOUR FENCE: Take time to repaint, sand or wash your fence so it is all ready to go this spring! A great way to start the season and it will give you an excuse to spend some much needed time outdoors!

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