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Hoppy Easter!

If the Easter bunny is paying you a visit tomorrow and we have a few fun ideas you can incorporate into your holiday this year!

Dye your own Easter eggs! Our favorite technique is to hard boil the egg and then use a few parts of food coloring to water and color the eggs! Once you are done coloring you can have a tasty treat, boiled eggs yum!

Easter egg hunt! This is enjoyable for all ages. Kids love hunting for the eggs and adults get a kick out of watching the kids run around the yard to find them!

Plant flowers! If the weather allows it, typically we still have snow this time of year! If you can get out and plant a few of your favorite spring flowers. If you can't get outside bring your plants indoors it is a great way to brighten up your interior space!

Last but certainly not least bake a yummy treat, our favorite is a sugar cookie! You can pull out all the decorations and make memories to last a lifetime!

We hope you enjoy your holiday, happy Easter!

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