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Spring Cleaning Check-List

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. That can only mean one thing, spring is here! The best time of year to tackle a few home maintenance items! We are going to count down the top 10 things you need to check off your list this season.

1) POWER WASH YOUR HOME: Pressure washing your home will not only remove unwanted stains, mold, and mildew but also maintain the beauty of your property! Pressure washing annually will maintain a healthy living environment and help your home shine all year long!

2) CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS: Cleaning your windows each spring will help remove dust and grime that settles on your windows throughout the year. A good clean will help remove contaminants and pollutions that are stuck on the glass allowing the natural light to penetrate inside the clean window! Living in Alaska we want to enjoy the sun all we can during the spring and summer months!

3) CHECK YOUR WINDOW SCREENS: Upkeep of window screens is so important as they protect against dirt, mud and other dust elements that can make your windows look grimy! Give your screens some love this spring with a good cleaning and repair!

4) INSPECT DECK AND PATIO: Checking your decking and patio annually for loose pavers or boards will prevent injury, cracks, and decay! If you come across any fasteners, connectors or joists out of place replace them immediately. If you have a cracked floorboard it will continue to grow until fixed, replacing cracked boards is not only important for your safety but also the preservation of your deck!

5) INSPECT HOME EXTERIOR ROOF AND SIDING: Regular home maintenance and inspection is crucial to the longevity of the exterior of your home. A roof leak can often go unnoticed and the moisture gets soaked up in insulation slowly before entering the home. Checking your roof and siding yearly can help prevent major home repairs!

6) CLEAN GUTTERS: Prevent water damage to your home, birds nest, mosquitos, and other infestations by cleaning your gutters! If gutters get clogged it can wreak havoc on your home, add this to-do to your checklist this spring!

7) PRUNE PLANTS AND TREES: Pruning each spring is very important to your plants' development. Removing dying branches and stubs will not only deter pests but promote the natural growth of your plants and trees!

8) CHECK SMOKE ALARMS: We can not stress the importance of checking all smoke alarms in your home! This task is needed to ensure fire prevention and home safety. Detectors will warn you if a fire is present and safe lives.

9) CHANGE FURNACE FILTER: Changing your air filter will not only improve the indoor air quality but reduce your energy bill and extend the life of your furnace!

10) CHECK YARD FOR WET SPOTS: If you have water that sits on your lawn days after rainfall have no fear this can be fixed and should be! If you have water sitting too close to your foundation it can be a big issue and can result in mold and other problems. Mosquitos love water so if you have a moist lawn they are going to find it! The other annoyance with a lawn that isn't draining properly is the fact you can't enjoy it during those warm months! Curious about how to fix it? Here are a few ideas, add a yard drain or a french drain to your property, add a rain garden or work with the topography of your home!

As a homeowner you want your property to maintain value and a great way to do this is with seasonal maintenance! Get the best out of your spring upkeep by adding these 10 items to your checklist!

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