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4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Bright kitchens are popular for many reasons. They can make your home feel welcoming and larger. If you feel like your kitchen needs a refresher, consider these easy tips to brighten up your space.

1. Opt for white or light colored cabinets. One of the easiest ways to brighten your kitchen is to lighten your cabinets. Dark cabinetry can make a kitchen feel like a cave, while lighter colors make the space feel more open. White or other light colored paint can give dark cabinets a new life. If you have a larger budget, you may consider replacing your cabinets with light toned wood.

2. Increase your light sources. If your kitchen lighting is dim, you should consider adding more light sources. Can lights, under cabinet lighting, and pendant lights are great ways to make the kitchen brighter. This isn’t only a nice design feature, but the added light can improve your vision when you’re cooking.

3. Lighten your countertops & backsplash. Dark counters and backsplashes can add to the cave-like feel of a dark kitchen. Consider opting for a new light colored backsplash or counter top to brighten up the space.

4. Reduce countertop clutter. Clutter can make a space seem small and cramped. Sort through your countertop clutter, remove any unnecessary items, and find new storage spaces for anything you don’t regularly use. You’ll be surprised how much more open your kitchen feels afterwards.

If you need help remodeling your kitchen, our team is ready to help. We will work with you to create your ideal space within your budget.

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