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5 Signs You Need New Siding

Like any other part of your house, your home’s exterior siding can wear down over time. If you live in an older home, you may be wondering when you should consider replacing your home’s siding. Here are a few indicators it may be time.

1. It’s warped and bubbling. Any warping or bubbling of your siding is a big indicator it’s time replace it. Not only is this not aesthetically appealing, but it could signal potential underlying water damage.

2. It’s cracked or missing pieces. Over time, siding can become cracked, dented, and pieces can even break off. This creates a potential entry point for water which can lead to wood rot and compromise the structure of your home. If you’ve noticed any of these problems, it’s important to replace the siding or seal the damaged area.

3. Your energy bills are high. If your energy bills are significantly higher than your neighbors, your siding could be the culprit. Older siding doesn’t have the same insulation that newer siding has, and won’t retain heating or cooling as well.

4. Animals have started nesting in it. Because homes are warm, it’s not uncommon for animals to burrow under siding and create a nest. This can eventually cause underlying damage to the structure of your home. New siding can help seal the gaps where animals are usually able to gain entry.

If you think it’s time replace the siding on your home, we can help. We will help you choose the best option for your home and get you house looking and functioning great again!

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