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5 Ways Snow and Ice Can Damage Your Home

It’s no secret that snow and ice can be damaging to your home. It’s important to be extra vigilant this time of the year to be sure you are doing everything you can to protect your home from potential damage. Here are a few ways snow and ice can damage your home.

1. Too much weight on your roof. Excess snow can put a dangerous amount of weight on your roof. If your home isn’t prepared for it, it can cause your roof to crack or even collapse. The best way to prevent problems is to have your roof inspected for potential structural issues, and stay on top of snow removal.

2. Cause leaks. When snow melts, it can seep into the cracks of your roof, into your attic and cause unexpected damage inside of your home. When the snow starts to melt, take a look into your attic to see if there is any moisture entering into your home. The sooner you catch any problems, the better.

3. Add moisture to your floors. One of the biggest culprits of household mold in the winter is moisture caused by snow tracked into your house. This introduces excess water and mold spores to your home which can can create household mold and ruin hardwood floors and cartets. Be sure shoes are removed when someone enters your house. If you have a mudroom, it’s a great place to keep them stored.

4. Create ice dams. Ice dams can cause snow to get trapped on your roof, creating excess weight on your roof and gutters. In some cases, gutters can even start to separating away from your house. If you’ve spotted an ice dam forming, it’s important to take action and create a path for water to drain as soon as possible.

5. Damage to your driveway. It’s possible for your driveway to chip and crack when you use certain materials to remove the ice and snow. For example, the chemicals in ice melt and rock salt can be problematic and cause permanent damage to your concrete. In order to prevent this, stay on top of shoveling and snow removal or consider using a snow melt mat.

If you’ve noticed any damage to your home, our team is ready to help. We’ll take steps to prevent the problem from getting any worse, and make repairs as needed.

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