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Pet Stain Removal In Anchorage

Adding a pet to your family is exciting, but also comes with challenges. Whether they’re not housebroken, like to play in the dirt, or seem to knock things over, they can leave stains and smells throughout your home. If your pets have taken over your home, we can help restore your space. Here are a few things we can help with.

Carpets. Carpets can take a beating, especially in high traffic areas. Pets can track dirt inside and have accidents which can cause serious staining. Our team is experienced in removing these stains and any resulting smells to get your carpet looking great. We’ll also apply a protectant to prevent future stains.

Hardwood Floors. Pets can leave stains on hardwood floors, which can be frightening to see at first. We can remove these stains so your flooring looks like it did before.

Upholstery. Pets frequently like to spend time on couches, which can also result in staining and a bad odor. Like carpet cleaning, we’ll remove both of these and apply a protectant to prevent stains from setting in the future.

If you are ready for your home to be free of pet stains and odors, call us. We’ll give your home a thorough cleaning so it looks and smells like there aren’t any pets in your house.

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