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Don’t Make These 5 Home Mistakes This Year

We’ve all been guilty of having bad home habits. As we start the year, it’s good idea to leave those bad home maintenance habits in the past. Here are a few things to stop doing in 2020.

1. Ignoring water damage. If you notice a leak or other water damage in your home, it’s important to address it right away. Failure to take action could result in a more serious problem like mold and wood rot.

2. Not using your exhaust fan. Whether it be your bathroom or kitchen, always remember to use your exhaust fan. Exhaust fans not only remove smoke and odors, but can also help clear humidity from the space. This helps dry out the area which prevents mold growth.

3. Ignoring chimney maintenance. Chimneys need to be cleaned annually before they’re used during the fall and winter seasons. This helps to prevent chimney fires and makes sure any smoke coming from your chimney is as clean as possible.

4. Not protecting fabric surfaces. Fabric surfaces like carpets and upholstery are much more prone to staining than alternatives. It’s important to have a protectant applied to these surfaces to make them less susceptible to holding stains. Our team can deep clean these areas and apply the protectant afterwards to ensure they are looking great in the coming year.

5. Failing to own a fire extinguisher. We frequently like to remind people to check their smoke alarm batteries, but it’s also important to have a fire extinguisher that is easily accessible in your home. We suggest keeping one in proximity to anywhere a fire is more likely to occur. It’s always a great idea have one in the kitchen and by the fireplace.

If you need help getting your home started on good habits this year, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll work with you to get your house in great shape.

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