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3 Signs Your Pipes are Frozen

While the cold weather can be great for outdoor activities, it can also be harsh on your home. One of the biggest problems for homeowners this time of the year is frozen pipes. Frozen pipes occur when the water in your pipes freeze. This can result in the pipe bursting, causing a potential flood. It’s important to know what to look for so you can take action as soon as possible. Here are a few signs your pipes might be frozen:

1. There’s a funky smell coming from the faucet. If you’ve noticed a weird smell coming from your faucet - it could be an indicator of a frozen pipe. This occurs because the frozen water blocks the pipe, sending any trapped smells out of the faucet opening.

2. Very little water is coming from the faucet. If water drips out slowly when you turn on your faucet or doesn’t drip at all, this is a big sign your pipes are frozen. The frozen water can completely block the water source, not allowing for anything to pass through when the faucet is turned on.

3. You can see frost on your pipes. If your visible pipes have frost on them and are cold to the touch, it is possible they are frozen. To check for frost, look for pipes located under your sinks, in your basement, and in your attic.

If you’ve discovered frozen pipes, it’s important to act quickly to ensure no damage occurs. The pipes need to be thawed and insulated to prevent any problems. If you need help or have experienced a burst pipe as a result, don’t hesitate to call our team!

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