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Tips to Make Your Home Warmer This Winter

With increasingly high energy bills, you may be wondering what you can do to make your home warmer without turning up your home’s heat. We’ve compiled a list of several tips to help keep your heat inside your home so you don’t have to waste money on your electric bill.

1. Seal any air gaps. If you have any cracks or gaps around your window or door framing, you probably have warm air escaping from your home. You can use caulking to seal any cracks around the framing, and install weather stripping around the frame to add further insulation

2. Reverse your fan. If you have a ceiling fan, simply reversing the direction it turns will prevent warm air from rising, keeping it at your level to keep your home warm.

3. Tend to your hot water tank. Check your hot water tank for any signs of cracks, which would be an indicator it’s not working properly. If you find any damage, it’s important to replace it as soon as possible. If your tank is in good working condition, consider adding insulation around the tank which will help the water stay warm using less energy.

4. Add insulation. In addition to adding insulation to your hot water tank, consider adding extra insulation to your attic. Not only will this help to insulate pipes to prevent them from freezing, but it will prevent warm air from escaping through your ceiling.

5. Move your furniture. If you have furniture that is close to any radiators or other heating element, move them away. Furniture absorbs heat, and can be preventing warm air from properly circulating in your home.

These tips can help make a big difference in your home’s warmth and can even save you money on your energy bill.

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