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3 Home Entry Points for Water

The weather forecast always seems to contain rain or snow this time of the year. If your home isn’t prepared to handle the weather, it can result in leaks, mold, and water damage. To prevent outdoor water sources from damaging your home, it’s important to be vigilant of potential entry points for water. Here are a few places to keep an eye on.

Foundation. Cracks in your foundation can become an easy entry point for water. If water pools around your foundation as a result of gutter overflow, a heavy rainfall, or snow melt, it can seep into your basement. Make sure to regularly inspect your foundation for signs of damage, and make plans for repairs if needed.

Doors and windows. If your doors and windows are older, it’s possible that there might be some leakage around the edges. This can result in water leaks. When it’s raining, check the areas around your windows and doors for any signs of water entry. Feel the area around the sills for any soft spots in the wood, which indicates a leak.

Roof. If your roof is damaged or has missing shingles, it’s a prime entry point for water. This can cause structural wood rot, ceiling leaks, electrical problems, and more. Be sure to repair any of these problems before winter to prevent leaks.

If you have found a problem in your home, call our restoration team. We will inspect your home and make any repairs as needed.

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