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Why You Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector

While many homes have smoke detectors, many forget about installing carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide detectors are important in protecting your family from carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be caused by several household appliances.

Thousands of people per year are treated in emergency rooms as a result of carbon monoxide poising. This occurs when humans are exposed to a carbon monoxide leak in their home. Since it’s colorless and odorless, the leaks can easily go unnoticed. Leaks typically come from home appliances such as furnaces, gas stoves, gas water heaters, space heaters, and gas lines. If you have any of these in your home, it’s important to have a detector installed.

In addition to installing a carbon monoxide detector, it’s important to take steps to protect your home from carbon monoxide exposure. Schedule a professional, annual inspection of any gas or oil burning appliances. This will insure any potential problems are taken care of. It’s also important to properly vent your home when you’re cooking or burning a fire in the fireplace.

If you notice any symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning such as a headache, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting, exit your home and seek medical attention. If you need assistance installing your carbon monoxide detector, our handyman team can help. Don’t hesitate to call us.

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