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Where to Find Wood Rot in Your Home

Wood rot can be a serious problem in homes. It can begin to happen without the homeowners’ knowledge, and become a detriment to the structure of their house. There are certain areas of the home that are more susceptible to moisture and rot. It’s important to be aware of these areas so you can monitor them and ensure your home is free of these problems.

Deck. If your deck’s wood hasn’t been properly sealed, rain and snow can wear away at its structure. It’s important to check the wood on top of your deck, and also the wood underneath your deck, for potential rot and wear.

Roof. Your roof can be a prime place where wood rot can occur. Missing and damaged shingles can provide an entry point for water, which can cause wood rot. If you suspect your roof has damage, it’s important to remedy the situation as soon as possible. It’s also important to periodically go into your attic and look for signs of potential water damage.

Windows. If your windows are older or are improperly sealed, there is a possibility that water can seep in around the framing. This can cause them to begin to rot. You’ll usually see this begin to happen in the window sill. To determine if rid has occurred, press the area around the window to search for any soft spots.

Exterior Doors. Similar to windows, if your doors aren’t well sealed, water can sleep in around the framing. Check the door and areas around the frame for soft areas.

Interior Areas. Moisture has a tendency to collect in certain areas of your home that are exposed to water. Places like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are particularly vulnerable. It’s important to regularly search these locations for potential signs of leaks and rot.

If you suspect you have wood rot or water damage in your home, call our team. We will inspect the area and make a plan for restoration.

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