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Dangers of a Leaking Roof

When it comes to your roof, it is important to make sure any problems are fixed right away. Things like missing shingles, cracked shingles, and gaps by your chimney are all red flags. Neglecting to repair problems could lead to leaks, which can eventually lead to bigger issues in your home. If you have found a leak, here are a few potential problems to be aware of.

Mold. Between the moisture from water and the warm temperatures of the attic, a roof leak can easily cause mold issues. Once mold is present, it can spread throughout the area. Household mold has been linked to respiratory problems, and can be especially dangerous for people who already have existing allergies.

Fire Hazard. Many people don’t associate fires with leaks, but it’s a definite possibility. If you have any wiring in your attic, water can cause the wires to short, potentially starting a fire at any time.

High energy costs. Leaks in the attic can affect the integrity of your attic’s insulation. When your home isn’t insulated well, energy can easily escape from the roof, causing your heating and cooling systems to work overtime.

Structural problems. When wood is saturated in water, it can begin to rot, causing major structural issues. Once wood rot has begun, it can spread to other areas in your attic which affects the framing of your house.

If you have a leak in your roof, don’t wait to get it repaired. Our team will fix your roof, inspect the area, determine if there are any problems resulting from the leak, and make repairs as needed.

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