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How to Minimize Storm Damage

If a big storm is expected, it’s important to do everything you can to protect your home from potential damage. Storm winds can be dangerous and cause serious problems. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to help minimize damage to your home during a big storm.

1. Protect your windows. If a big storm is coming, you’ll want to make sure your windows are protected. Strong winds can cause branches to break off and fly into your home. You can temporarily add plywood to your windows to prevent any window damage, It’s also a good idea to check the seals around your windows to ensure they are free from any cracks and gaps to prevent flooding.

2. Clear outdoor furniture. Strong wind can easily toss around outdoor furniture and lawn decorations. It’s a good idea to put these items into storage to ensure they are not damaged and they don’t damage your house.

3. Trim tree branches. To minimize the potential for branches to break off, make sure to trim any branches that may look like they could potentially be dangerous. It’s also a good idea to comb your property and remove any large branches that are laying around.

4. Unplug your appliances. If a storm is expected, unplug any appliances you won’t need during the storm. This will protect them from damage if there is a power surge.

Storms aren’t always predictable, and if you’ve experienced home damage due to a storm, call our team. We’ll assess the damage and make a plan to restore your home back to the pre-storm state.

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