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How to Maintain Your RV

If you have an RV, you may be getting it ready for the upcoming season, or you may have already taken it on the road. Whether you are planning a short trip or long haul, it’s important to regularly maintain your RV to make sure it’s safe and in the best possible condition for your trip.

1. Check your tire pressure and tighten lug nuts. Before each trip, be sure to check your tire pressure and tighten your lug nuts. Too much or too little tire pressure can be dangerous and cause your tires to explode or create control issues. Similarly, loose lug nuts could result in a lost wheel while driving.

2. Stay on top of brake maintenance. It’s a good idea to stay on top of your brake’s maintenance to ensure a safe trip. At the beginning of each season, have your brakes checked and replace them as needed. Also make a point to keep your wheel bearings lubricated throughout the summer.

3. Chance the oil. Your RV’s oil should be changed every 3,000-4,000 miles. If your RV has been sitting all winter, change it at the beginning of the season ensure it’s running smoothly throughout the spring and summer. Neglecting oil changes could cause your RV’s engine to overwork.

4. Check the roof seams. The seams and seals of your RV’s roof can leak and cause water to enter the framework. It’s important to periodically get on the roof and check these seams are in good condition and not damaged. If you find areas that need to be resealed, you can reseal them using specialty sealants.

5. Clean your awning. If your RV has an awning, it’s important to keep it regularly cleaned and maintained. Awnings can grow mold and mildew, and are susceptible to tears. Regular maintenance can help you to spot these problems and fix them before they become a bigger issue.

If you need help getting your RV ready for the season, call our team. We’ll give it a thorough cleaning inside and out.

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