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5 Signs of a Roof Problem

If your roof has a problem, it can affect the entire functionality of your home. It can not only lead to structural issues, but can ultimately affect the health of your family. Roof problems can cause leaks, floods, mold, and wood rot. Be aware of these signs that your home’s roof has a problem.

1. Water stains. If you notice a water stain on your ceiling, this is a big sign that your roof has a leak. Search the area for signs of mold and moisture which will be an indicator of where the leak is coming from.

2. There’s a drip. If you’ve noticed a drip coming from your ceiling or water spots showing up on your walls, it’s likely caused by a leak in the roof. Investigate the area to try and locate the source of the drip.

3. Your roofline has spots. Similar to your interior walls, if you’ve noticed water spots around your exterior roofline, it’s likely a sign of water damage. These spots are typically caused by a problem with your flashing.

4. Your exterior is mossy. Have you noticed a mossy growth on your shingles? It could be a sign that water is having difficulty draining properly. It’s important to check your gutters and downspouts for signs of clogs. Clear them out as soon as possible, and call our team to start removing the moss from your roof.

5. You have missing or damaged shingles. If your roof has missing or damaged shingles, it’s likely there is water getting inside of your home. Inspect your attic for signs of mold or water damage, and make a plan to repair your roof as soon as possible to prevent further damage from occurring.

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, call our team. We will assess the problem, make a plan to fix or replace your roof, and repair any resulting damage.

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