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How Flood Damage Can Affect Your Health

It’s no surprise that flooding can cause serious water damage to your home. Water damage doesn’t just affect the structure of your home, but it can cause health hazards to yourself and family. Here are a few ways flood damage can affect your health.

1. Mold. If your home isn’t properly dried out after a flood, mold can begin to grow. Areas like carpets, upholstered furniture, window treatments, and walls are all areas where it can flourish. Mold has been known to cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues, It can also aggravate asthma. Mold can grow in places beyond the eye can see, so it’s important to have a mold specialist take a look at the affected area.

2. Structural Damage. Untreated water damage can cause wood rot and and structural problems. This can include things like weakened floor joists, among other issues. Weak floors can get soft and eventually give in, creating a very unsafe environment.

3. Toxins. Flood water coming from outside can contain things like dirt, sewage, fertilizer, animal feces, and more. Once the flood water has dried out, the other components of the flooding remain in your home. If left untreated, this exposes everyone in your home to these toxins.

If you’ve experienced flooding or water damage in your home, it’s important to get it taken care of right way to prevent further problems. Call our emergency team to get started on repairing your home.

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