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3 Stages of Fire Restoration

Experiencing a house fire can be devastating. We know it is a difficult time, and we want to help ease the stress of dealing with such a difficult situation. Our fire restoration team is trained and experienced in putting a home back together after damage has occurred. We go through 3 different steps when restoring your home. Here is what to expect.

1. Prevention. After the fire has been extinguished, the damage can continue to affect your home. We take preventative measures to protect your home from further problems. We’ll protect your home from the elements like rain, snow, and extreme cold temperatures. We also check to make sure the gas, electrical, and plumbing are secured.

2. Inspection. After we’ve secured your home, we’ll inspect it for damage. We’ll assess the structural damage as well as the doors, windows, and roof. We’ll develop a plan to restore and address your home’s needs. We’re experienced in working with insurance companies and will maintain the integrity of the scene for investigations.

3. Restoration. Our team is trained in fire and water restoration, and will work hard to return your home to its pre-fire state. We can rebuild areas that have been severely damaged and replace anything that is beyond repair. We may also be able to restore fire damaged items, like family heirlooms, that may appear to be destroyed.

If you have experienced a home or business fire, call us. Our fire restoration team will get your home back to normal. You’ll never know there was a fire in the first place.

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