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4 Restoration Services We Offer

At Taylored Restoration, we offer a variety of restoration services in addition to our cleaning and emergency services. Our team is highly skilled, experienced, and trained in restoring damaged property. We want to help get your home back to normal so you can get back to your everyday life. Here are a few restoration services we offer.

1. Fire Damage Restoration. If your home has been damaged by a fire, we can help restore it to its pre-fire state. We know the steps to take to prevent the damage from getting any worse. Once we stop the damage and inspect the area, we can start to make a plan to restore your home.

2. Water Damage Restoration. Water damage can happen quickly and unexpectedly. It can potentially cause mold and wood rot if left untreated. If you have water damage, our team can extract water and completely dry out any affected area. We can treat any moldy spots and restore areas where wood rot that has occurred.

3. Roof Restoration. Over time, your roof can experience damage. Whether it be missing or damaged shingles, moss growth, rotten framing, or something else, a damaged roof can compromise your home’s overall structure. Our team will inspect your roof, identify any problems, make a plan for restoration, and get your roof in great shape .

4. Wind Damage Restoration. Wind can cause severe damage to your home. Trees can fall into your house causing structural damage and other problems. Our 24/7 emergency crews will assess the damage and take any immediate actions. Afterwards we’ll make a plan to restore your home and get it back in great shape.

If you are in need of restoration services, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

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