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Tips to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

After a long winter, it may seem like the air in your home feels stale and stagnant. You may be wondering what you can do to freshen up and purify your home’s air quality. There are several different ways you can easily improve your home’s air to make your home healthier this season.

Clean Your Carpet. Your carpet can absorb dirt and toxins that routinely enter your home. High traffic areas, like your home’s entryway, are especially vulnerable. It’s important to routinely deep clean your carpet to remove any pollutants from your home.

On a day-to-day level, make sure shoes are removed when entering your home and never place them on the carpet.

Add a House Plant. House plants are a great, natural way to cleanse the air in your home. Consider adding some to your bedrooms and living spaces to promote cleaner air and better circulation. Make sure to regularly clean their leaves to prevent dust and dirt build up.

Replace Your Furnace Filter. Replacing your furnace filter can do wonders for the quality of your air and the health of your furnace. Your filter should be changed every 3 months or sooner if you have family members with allergies or pets.

Use Your Exhaust Fans. The exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom serve an important purpose - they help bring indoor air pollutants outside. It’s especially important to use your kitchens exhaust fan while cooking to remove the most pollutants possible.

Clean Your Air Conditioner. With the warmer months on their way, it’s a good idea to clean your air conditioner. Like your furnace filter, your air conditioner collects dirt, dust, and other outdoor elements. If it’s not cleaned, it cannot properly do its job. As a result, your air quality may suffer and your air conditioner could possibly overheat.

If you are considering a professional carpet cleaning or other service to improve your home’s air quality, call our team. We will get your space as healthy and clean as possible.

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