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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring Storms

It may seem like spring weather is still far away, but it’s not too early to start making a plan to prepare your home for spring storms. After a long winter, there are several things you will need to do to get your home ready for the new season. By preparing your home ahead of time you can reduce the risk of any potential household damage.

1. Clean Your Gutters. It’s likely that leaves, sticks, and debris have found their way into your gutters after winter. If any of this debris is blocking your gutters, you may have water build up on your roof, causing a leak inside your home. If this is the case, you my have already seen evidence of a leak starting as snow melted. Once it’s safe to be on your roof, check your gutters to make sure they are clear and clean any areas that are congested. While on your roof, it’s also a good idea to check for any missing or damaged roof shingles that could potentially be a point of water entry.

2. Trim Your Trees. If you have any trees growing close to your home, make a plan to trim any branches that could potentially break off and cause damage. Excess wind can cause weak branches to snap off and potentially fly into your home or a power line.

3. Check your sump pump. If you have one. it’s a good idea to check your sump pump to ensure it’s clean and functioning properly. A sump pump will help to drain your home in the event of a basement flood. If you notice any problems, make a plan to have it repaired.

4. Clean up your yard. If you have any decorative pieces in your yard, it’s a good idea to store them in a garage until the spring storm season is over. Strong gusts of wind could potentially cause them to displace and cause external damage to your home.

5. Organize an emergency kit. In the event of a bad storm, you will want to have an easily-accessible emergency kit in your home. This should consist of things like flashlights, first-aid supplies, blankets, and water.

Preparing your home for a spring storm will help minimize the potential damage in the event bad weather hits. If you need any help making improvements to secure your home, our team can help. We will take a look at potential areas of concern and make a plan to make them safer.

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