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5 Ways to Improve Garage Storage

Garages always seem like a good place to store infrequently or unused items. This may seem like a good idea at first, but all of the clutter can eventually cause storage problems. Some people don’t even have space to fit their cars! If you use your garage for storage, there are several smart ways you can store items to increase your storage space without having to expand the size of your garage.

1. Invest in clear bins. It’s not uncommon to have things stored in cardboard boxes. Unfortunately, boxes can warp, get water damaged (which damages their contents), and start to deteriorate. Consider investing in clear storage bins which are sturdier and allow you to see the contents inside. They stack neatly and easily making them a great way to make the best use of your space.

2. Mount bikes. If you have bikes taking up space in your garage, it may be beneficial to buy a mount for them. Bikes can either be mounted on a wall or on your ceiling. This will to help to save valuable floor space.

3. Install a track system. A track system allows you to mount gardening and cleaning tools on your wall rather them having them piled in a corner. This helps to keep everything visually organized, makes better use of your wall space, and keeps the floor clear.

4. Add lockers. To store any tall items you may have, consider adding a locker-like cabinet. These are great for holding work clothing and cleaning supplies you may have laying around the garage. They look neat and can hold a lot.

5. Consider rack shelving. If you need even more storage, a sturdy, free-standing, rack shelving unit may be helpful. This can help store awkwardly shaped items like paint cans, camping supplies, and windshield wiper fluid. These can easily get disorganized, so make sure to group similar items together and make an effort to regularly keep the area in order.

A tidy garage makes it so much easier to find the things you need. By implementing some of these storage ideas, your garage can easily become a more spacious and well used area in your home.

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