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Home Renovations for a New Baby

If you are planning to add a baby to your home, there are several home improvements you may want to consider before his or her arrival. It’s much easier to tackle renovations before the baby arrives so your daily routine isn’t interrupted by loud noises and busy construction. We’ve compiled a few home improvement suggestions you may want to consider before baby’s arrival.

1. Repair any safety issues. If your home has any safety issues, make a plan to repair them before the baby comes. For example, make sure your railings are secure and any staircase spindles are close enough together so the baby won’t be able to crawl or fall through. You should also check for any potential issues like mold that could be underlying in your home and make a plan to have them remediated.

2. Prepare the nursery. One of the most exciting parts of adding a baby to your home is preparing their nursery. In addition to painting, you can make plans to add decorative accents like trim, wallpaper, or new light fixtures. Another popular nursery feature is to add more closet organization so you can maximize space for their smaller-sized clothing.

3. Add a laundry room. If you have space in your home, it may be a good idea to consider adding a laundry room or updating the one you currently have. Babies seem to create a lot of laundry, so having a designated space to organize and clean everything will make your life easier when the baby comes. Always make sure to store any chemicals above the machines where they are not easily accessible by children.

4. Update your flooring. Your baby will be spending a lot of time laying and crawling on the floor of your home, so it’s important to make sure the flooring is safe. If you have hardwood floors, make sure there are no areas that are uneven, cracked, or have splintered wood. If your floors are carpeted, it’s a good idea to have them professionally cleaned. You may also want to consider investing in padded floor mats for areas where your baby will be spending a lot of time, such as your living room.

In addition to the above baby-specific renovations, you should try and complete any major home renovations before baby arrives. If you are already planning a major renovation like a bathroom or kitchen, consider adding child-friendly features like safety latches on cabinets or heated floors in the bathroom.

If you are interested in renovating your home before baby arrives, our renovation team can help. We will work with you to design and create a space that works best for your goals.

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