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Do Your Windows Have Wood Rot?

Windows are one of the most important pieces of your home’s structure. They let in natural light and keep the harsh elements outside. Windows can also be a problem if they don’t function properly. One of the most common problems with windows is wood rot. If your home’s windows or window trim are made of wood, it’s possible for wood rot to occur if they are not properly maintained.

Wood rot happens when fungal spores settle on wood and begin eating away at its structure. When introduced to humidity and water, the spores begin to grow and the rot accelerates. This can eventually lead to the wood falling apart. If you suspect your windows have been affected by wood rot, a good way to tell is by touching them. Rotting wood will be soft and spongey to the touch, and healthy wood will feel firm and dry. If you have rot, you will most likely find rot on the outside trim, window sill, and window frame.

If you have discovered wood rot on your windows, they will need to be replaced. Rot not only affects the performance of your windows, but can also do damage to the structure of your home and can negatively impact the health of your family members. Our team will not only help you select new windows and replace your existing ones, but we will assess the surrounding area to make sure the damage hasn’t spread any further. We are highly trained and experienced in treating wood rot, water damage, and mold. We’ll be able to remediate the problem and get your windows looking new again.

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