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5 Food Items That Make Great Cleaning Supplies

Did you know some of your favorite foods can also be used as cleaning supplies? If you have ever found yourself without the right cleaning product in your cupboard, you may just have to open your fridge to find an adequate substitute. Here are a few different items that you might find helpful.

1. Ketchup. Due to the high acid content of ketchup, it’s great for cleaning brass and stainless steel. Just let it sit on the surface of the item for 10 minutes and wipe it down. Make sure not to use it on any porous materials such as plastic or fabric as it could cause a stain.

2. Butter. If you have sticky residue left on a countertop or any other surface, try removing it with butter. The oil from the butter will cause the sticky spot to become slicker, making it easy to wipe away or scrape up.

3. Cola. If you have any small rusted items, try soaking them in cola for a day. The acid content of cola will remove the rust and leave you with a nice, clean product.

4. Mayonnaise. Do you have any wood furniture with white rings on it? Try using mayonnaise to remove them. Smear mayonnaise on the white ring and let it sit for an hour. The oil from the mayonnaise will seep into the wood and break up the stain. After the mayonnaise has been sitting for an hour, you should be able to polish the area until the ring disappears.

5. Potatoes. Similar to cola, potatoes break down rust. If you have any rusted objects in your home, try rubbing it with a cut potato. The acid content of potatoes are able to break up and remove rust from metal objects.

We hope you enjoyed these cleaning hacks and were able to learn a few new tricks using the things already in your fridge!

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