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4 Common Winter Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Now that we’re well into winter, it’s important to stay on top of home maintenance chores to ensure your home is healthy and well kept throughout the colder months. Ignoring your home’s needs could lead to potential problems in the future. Here are a few common home maintenance mistakes to avoid this season.

1. Stacking firewood close to the house. If you use firewood in your home, it’s important to remember that it should stored properly outdoors. Firewood piles should be stacked at least 6 feet away from your house. Wood can carry bugs and other critters which could make their way into your home if you are not vigilant. Always inspect the wood before brining it into your house to ensure it is bug-free.

2. Not protecting outdoor faucets and pipes. If you have outdoor faucets, make sure they are wrapped or covered to prevent the cold air from coming into your home. Similarly, outdoor pipes need to be wrapped with insulation to ensure they don’t freeze.

3. Ignoring icicles. Icicles may look nice, but they can be dangerous if they break off and fall. If you notice icicles forming outside of your home, don’t ignore them. They may be indicative of an ice dam. Ice dams can cause water to pool on your roof and could potentially result in a leak.

4. Not programming your thermostat. If you have a programable thermostat, you should set your home’s heating to adjust to your schedule. Turning down the heat when you’re not home could save you around 10% on your energy bill for the year. Remember to never turn your heat totally off in the winter to prevent pipes from freezing.

Staying on top of winter maintenance is important in maintaining your home’s well being this season. If you have noticed any problems occurring in your home, don’t hesitate to call us. We will evaluate the problem and develop a plan to remedy the situation.

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