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Is a Heated Driveway Right for You?

With all of the snow here in Alaska, shoveling your driveway in winter can get old quickly. Not only it time consuming, but it can also cause back pain and injury over time. One way to combat this chore is by installing a radiant heating system in your driveway. A heating system will melt the snow and prevent it from piling up over time. If you are thinking about installing a heated driveway, there are several pros and cons to consider before making your final decision.

The biggest benefit of a new driveway is not having to worry about snow removal. This will save you time and back pain, especially if you have a larger driveway. If you hire out your snow removal to an external company, you can save tons of money over time.

If you frequently use chemicals or salt to melt ice in your driveway, it can kill your landscaping, cause cracks to form in your driveway, and do damage to your vehicles. A heated driveway will eliminate the need to use these damaging chemicals and will extend the life of your driveway.

A heated driveway is a popular home feature, especially here in Alaska. Adding one to your house can add significant value to your home. Though it may be a big initial investment, you will see a return on it when it’s time to sell.

The biggest negative to a heated driveway is the initial investment. If you have an existing driveway, it will need to be torn out so the heating element can be installed. Once the heating element is in place, your driveway will need to be re-poured. Since the process is so involved, it’s one you will likely have to hire out to a contractor.

With the addition of a heated driveway comes higher utility bills. Electricity or gas is required to run the system, and if it could be a shock if you live in an area with more expensive utilities.

If you are considering adding a heated driveway to your home, it’s best to research the cost in your specific area. A heated driveway can last anywhere from 15-20 years and the convenience could be well worth the price in the long run.

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