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When Should You Replace Your Appliances?

Appliances are a major purchase that will all need to be updated or replaced at some point during their lifetime. Even though purchasing new appliances may seem expensive, sometimes replacing them could save you money in the long run if your current appliances are old and need repairs. It can be difficult to know exactly when to replace your appliances, but we’ve compiled a guide to help you make your decision process easier.

It’s important to properly maintain your appliances to keep them in great shape in the long run. Most appliances last 10-15 years on average with proper maintenance. If they are used frequently, their lifespan may be shorter than appliances not used as frequently. If you don’t know the age of your appliances, you may be able to find the information in the homeowner paperwork you received when you purchased your home, or on a small tag on the appliance itself.

The two biggest factors to consider when deciding whether to replace or repair your appliances, is how often they break down, and what the cost is to repair them. If you have an item that seems to constantly need to be fixed, it could be costing you a significant amount of money over time, and it may be more cost effective to replace it. Similarly, if your appliance needs a major, costly repair, it may be worth it to replace it with a new one completely.

If you have old appliances that are still working well and you aren’t sure if you should replace them yet, it’s best to consider what would happen if they broke down. Appliances that contribute significantly to the function of your home, like a water heater, should be replaced before it stops working. Less frequently used appliances like a dishwasher, may be less of a problem if it suddenly stopped working. The general rule is: if you can’t live without it, it’s best to replace it before it stops working.

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