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3 Common Winter Roofing Problems

Winter weather can be hard on your roof - especially here in Alaska. Between the snow, wind, rain, and other elements, our homes take a beating. It’s important to be aware of any potential for roof damage so you can take preventative steps to make sure your home is safe this winter.

Strong Wind. Winter can bring winter wind storms which can cause serious damage to your shingles. Wind can cause the shingles or other parts of your roof to become loose and fly off. If you notice parts of your roof missing or damaged after a wind storm, it’s important to contact us to have the problem repaired.

Tree Limbs. Trees that are close to your home are capable of scraping and damaging your roof. In the event of a wind or snow storm, they can even break off and cause serious damage to the structure of your roof. Always make sure any dangerous limbs are trimmed to prevent potential damage.

Ice Dams. Ice dams form when snow on your roof melts and refreezes on the gutters, preventing water from running off. It can result in unnecessary weight on your roof which can lead to further damage. Always keep an eye on your roof and remove any ice dams as necessary.

If you suspect you will have any problems with your roof this winter, give us a call. The longer you want it address any problems, the worse they can become. Our team will inspect the damaged area and make any repairs that are needed.

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