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5 Inexpensive Ways to Winterize Your Home

Preparing your house for winter is important to keep your home as warm as possible. While you may think of expensive heating bills when it comes to winter, there are steps you can take to insulate your home and keep it warm on a budget. Here are a few ways to prepare.

1. Add a draft dodger to your doors. Drafts can waste between 5-30% of energy per year. If the gap between your door and floor is letting in cool air, add a draft dodger. You can make one out of towels, or purchase them pre-made.

2. Change the direction of your ceiling fan. Many people associate ceiling fans with the summer. They can also be great in the winter too. Heat rises, and by changing the direction of your fan, you can circulate warm air throughout your home. This could help reduce your heating costs by 10%.

3. Add insulation. About 25% of heat escapes through the roof, and adding insulation in your attic can help keep the heat inside. Adding insulation is relatively easy and inexpensive.

4. Seal any gaps and cracks. If you have any gaps or cracks around your windows, doors, or walls, use calk to seal them. Warm air can escape through these cracks, causing heat loss. Take a thorough look around your home to ensure all opportunities for energy loss are sealed.

5. Install a storm door. A storm door is installed on the exterior of your front door to keep in warm air and prevent cold air from coming inside. It can help reduce drafts, and could increase you home’s energy efficiency by 45%.

If you need help winterizing your home, we are happy to help. Give us a call to get started on increasing your home’s warmth and energy efficiency.

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