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Do Your Carpets Have Mold?

If your home has the conditions for mold growth, it’s possible that there is mold growing in the fibers of your carpet. Mold can’t be removed by just vacuuming, and if you have mold, you’ll need to take further steps to prevent it from growing and spreading. Luckily, there are a few preventative measures you can take before you have a mold problem to ensure that mold is not an issue with your carpets.

Mold needs moisture and organic material too grow and thrive. If there is a source of moisture that is causing your carpet to be damp, then there is a chance your carpet could be growing mold underneath. Moisture doesn’t always come from a leak in your home, but could be a result of pets or people tracking in water from the outdoors. Always make sure your home is free of leaks, and make sure guests remove their shoes or wipe their feet before stepping on the carpet.

If your carpet has become wet, it’s important to make sure the spot is able to dry completely to prevent mold growth. If you are not able to dry the area with a fan, it maybe time to seek professional assistance. Spills and leaks can sometimes get through the first layer of carpet, into the carpet pad underneath, and even into the floorboards. If you believe moisture has penetrated you floors this deeply, there could be serious mold growth, water damage, and wood rot.

If you believe your carpets have mold or underlying damage, call our team. We can take a look to see if any damage has occurred and make a plan for removal if needed.

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