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4 Ways to Prepare for a Storm

If a storm is on its way, it is a comforting feeling to know that your home is protected in every way possible. While you can’t protect your home completely, there are steps you can take to significantly reduce the potential for storm damage. We’ve compiled a list of household maintenance tasks you can do before a storm hits to help reduce damage to your home.

1. Inspect the exterior for proper drainage. To reduce the potential for water damage, make sure water around your home is able to drain properly in the event of a storm. Gutters should be free of debris, and water shouldn’t be able to pool around the foundation of your home. Similarly, make sure there are no leaks in the roof or cracks in your home’s foundation.

2. Secure outdoor items. If you have any outdoor items like decorations or furniture, make sure they are brought indoors or are properly secured. If they are left out in your yard, they could potentially cause damage to your home.

3. Remove hazardous wood. If your yard contains any dead trees or trees with large branches, make sure they are removed before a storm hits. Branches and trees could potentially break or fall over and cause serious damage to your home.

4. Consider new windows. If your windows are old and worn, consider replacing them. Newer windows are more impact and leak resistant than older models. They also have other benefits like increased energy efficiency and better UV protection.

If you need help storm-proofing your home or have experienced storm related damage, we can help. We’ll examine your home and take steps to improve any potential problems.

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