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How to Prepare for a House Fire

Preparing for an emergency almost seems like an oxymoron. How do you prepare for something you don’t know will happen? In the event of a home emergency, like a fire, it’s important to have a pre-arranged plan that your family can follow to make sure they are safe and reunited away from the disaster. Here are a few things you can do.

1. Change your smoke detector battery every 6 months. When was the last time you changed your smoke detector’s batteries? Batteries should be tested monthly and changed every six months to one year.

2. Plan an exit route. Make sure all of your family members know the safest ways to exit your home from their bedrooms and other areas of the house. In the event of a fire, they should stay low to the ground to reduce the chances of smoke inhalation.

3. Have a meeting point. Make sure everyone in your home is aware of a specific meeting point outside of the house for all of your family members to congregate after they have exited the building. This will help to ensure everyone has safely made their way out of the building.

4. Pre-arrange a place to stay. If you have family or friends nearby, talk to them about potentially staying with them in the event of a fire. Your home will very likely be uninhabitable after a fire, and having a plan in place will ease the extra stress of trying to find shelter last minute.

5. Know who to call afterwards. Damage continues to happen inside your home even after the fire has been put out. It’s important to take quick action to make sure things don’t get any worse. Our team will board up your home to stop any further damage from occurring, and make a plan to restore your house. Afterwards it will look as if there never was a fire. We can also help with the required insurance paperwork to ease your stress.

Having a predetermined plan for a fire is the best way to make sure your family is as safe as possible in a bad situation. Don’t forget to overview the plan with your family periodically, and even considering having a fire drill if you have young children.

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