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3 Signs Your Carpet Is Making You Sick

Updated: Feb 28

If your home is carpeted, you probably walk on it daily without thinking about the potential dirt and germs living in the fibers. If it has been a while since you have had it cleaned, there could be things like dust mites, allergens, pet feces, and other bacteria lurking inside. These problems could be dangerous to your health and making your family sick. Here are 3 different signs to look for to determine if your carpet m

ay be the cause of your health problems.

1. You have respiratory problems. If you are having difficultly breathing while at home, your carpet could be the issue. Mold and bacteria thrive in dirty carpets. You inhale these toxins, causing respiratory problems. Similarly, dust mites could be hiding in your carpets and cause rashes, nose irritations, and eye irritations.

2. Your allergies are acting up. If your allergies seem worse whenever you are at home, your carpet could be causing the flare up. Mold, dust, tiny bugs, and pet hair can be found in your carpet, and have been known to aggravate allergies.

3. You’ve noticed skin problems. If there is bacteria in your carpet, it could enter your body through a scratch or cut in your foot. This can cause athlete’s foot, a fungal infection. As mentioned above, dust mites can also be a big cause of skin rashes and irritations.

If you have found your carpet is making you sick, there are steps you can take to prevent it from further damaging your health. Proper carpet care and regular cleanings can help your carpet remain germ and dirt free. If you would like to schedule a carpet cleaning, call our team. We are highly experienced, and would love to help you get your home functioning well again.

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