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Prevent Mold This Fall

The cold, damp weather and airborne mold spores that fall brings is the perfect combination for increased mold growth. Mold growth not only increases outside, but also indoors. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent mold from growing inside and outside of your home this season. Here are a few helpful tips to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe.

1. Invest in a dehumidifier. Rainy weather can create excess humidity in the air. Humidity can cause the inside of your home to become damp and therefore more susceptible to mold growth. If you have noticed more humidity and dampness in your home, install a dehumidifier. This will help to dry out your home and make the overall environment less attractive to mold growth.

2. Take quick action when it comes to water damage. Rainy days can result in leaks, flooding, and various other water-related problems. These issues won’t get better on their own, and need to be assessed and repaired. Mold grows quickly, so contact a professional to fix the problem as soon as possible.

3. Let damp clothing dry out. With wet weather comes wet clothing. Always allow any wet clothing to dry out once you’ve come inside to prevent mold and musty smells. Damp clothes should never be left in a pile, and should always be hung up in a dry place or put in to the dryer. If you’ve found that the clothing hanging in your closet is damp due to humidity, consider leaving the closet light on and adding a fan to allow it to dry out.

4. Remove decaying plants outside. When it comes to the exterior of your home, it’s important to remove any decaying organic material that may surround your home. Piles of leaves and dead plants are very prone to causing mold when they are wet and decaying. While these won’t cause mold inside of your home, they can aggravate outdoor allergies. Take time to rake leaves into bags and remove any plants that are no longer alive.

If you suspect you have mold or water damage in your home, our 24/7 emergency team will be happy to examine your home, repair any problems, and help you get your home back to good health.

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