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4 Fun Home Upgrades for Dog Lovers

If you are like us, your dogs are a part of your family. They are there for major life events, always seem to comfort you, and are always up for play time. Why not take the time to appreciate them by incorporating some dog-friendly accents to your home. If you are thinking about a home remodel, consider adding these fun, pet friendly home upgrades.

1. Pet wash station. Washing your pup can be difficult to do in a normal bathtub or shower. A pet wash station is a great way to make washing your dog easy. Pet wash stations are usually located in the mud room or laundry room, and contain a small shower stall with a shower hose.

2. Under stair dog house. If you have unused space under your staircase, consider adding an indoor doghouse underneath. These usually consist of a small door or open doorway, and have a pet bed and other dog items inside. It’s like your dog's own bedroom.

3. Pull-out pet feeder. If you are remodeling your kitchen, consider adding a built-in pet feeder. This looks like a drawer, but when it’s pulled out, it contains a food and water bowl. The best part is that it keeps the bowls out of sight when they’re not in use.

4. Doggie door. If your dog is constantly scratching the door to be let out, consider adding a doggy dog to your back door. This will allow them to come and go as they please - just make sure the door leads to a fenced-in yard!

If you are thinking about making some fun, dog-friendly upgrades to your home, call us. We can help you design your ideal space and custom build it to fit your home.

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