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5 Creative Ways to Increase Storage Space

No matter how big or small your home is, storage space always seems to be a problem. Before you think about relocating, consider adding to your in-home storage options. There are several easy ways to add storage space to your home that require little or no construction. Here are a few ideas to consider when you are short on storage.

1. Console cabinet. Swap out your console table for a console cabinet. A cabinet has much more storage than a table, and the doors allow for the contents to be concealed. Console cabinets can be used at an entryway or behind a floating sofa.

2. Storage ottoman. If you have a traditional ottoman in your home, switch it up for one with storage space underneath. It’s a great way to keep your home looking great and functional at the same time.

3. Built-Ins. Built-in bookcases can add great storage solutions to your home. The bookcases generally go all the way to your ceiling, optimizing your unused wall space. They’re great for storing books, nicknacks, and other small items.

4. Coffee table with drawers. If your coffee table seems to be full of clutter, choose an option with multiple drawers. Drawers will help you contain and organize your various items and keep them out of view.

5. Hutch. While hutches are typically seen as more of an old-fashioned piece of furniture, there are many contemporary options available. Hutches are a great way to add a visually-interesting piece to your home while increasing your storage options.

If your home is lacking storage and you are considering adding built-ins, we are happy to help. Call our team to get started on improving your home’s storage!

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