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The Cause of Wood Rot

If your home is made of wood, wood rot can pose a serious problem. While wood is an excellent building material, its ability to rot is its weakness. By being aware of the causes of wood rot, you can protect your home from damage over time. There are 4 conditions that have to be present in order for wood rot to begin. If you are able to stop one of them, you will be able to prevent wood rot from occurring entirely.

The four factors that cause wood rot are a combination of wood, oxygen, warmth, and moisture. These conditions combined with fungus spores are a recipe for serious rot problems. Even if you are able to temporarily fix one of the conditions, the fungus remains the rotting process will begin once the conditions return.

Since you are unable to remove wood, oxygen, or warmth from the rot equation, it’s best to focus on removing moisture. When wood is unable to dry out is when the problems begin. To ensure moisture is unable to penetrate the exterior of your home, always keep it painted. Paint has a protective layer that prevents the underlying wood from getting wet. If there are any cracks or chips in your home’s paint, make sure to sand it and repaint the area as soon as possible. If any part of your home, is subject to standing water, it’s very possible it can penetrate the area as well. Keep an eye out for any area that might collect water. As long as there is good protection and airflow, your home should be able to dry out properly.

If you have discovered a part of your home where rood rot has begun, call our team. We will be able to stop the rot and make a plan for restoration.

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