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Fireworks Safety Tips

The Fourth of July is just around the corner. While lighting fireworks on your own is illegal in some areas, various municipalities in Alaska temporarily legalize the use of fireworks on private land for the holiday. If you are planning on lighting off fireworks this Independence Day, it’s important to be aware of these safety tips to prevent any damage or accidents from occurring at your home.

Store your fireworks in a cool, dry area aware of any heat sources or flammable material. A flammable storage cabinet is ideal, but a metal or plastic box with a tight-fitting lid works well also.

Always have water and a shovel readily available when lighting off fireworks. We suggest having several buckets of water or a hose nearby in case something goes wrong and a fire breaks out.

Set off fireworks in an area away from dry fields, forests, buildings, and cars. Fireworks can cause large fires, especially if ignited incorrectly or in vulnerable areas.

Sometimes the occasional firework fails to explode properly and can fall on the ground. Be careful while handling these, as they can still explode if mishandled. We suggest using your shovel to move the firework into your bucket of water to diffuse it.

Familiarize yourself with your city’s laws and fireworks regulations before setting off any fireworks this Fourth of July. Always use caution and common sense, and be mindful of the potential damage fireworks can cause if not managed properly.

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