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Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2018

We love a good kitchen renovation. Not only does a remodel improve the functionality of your space, but it also makes it more aesthetic. When it comes to choosing new cabinets for your kitchen, the possibilities can seem endless. There are so many door styles and finishes to choose from. In the past, many homeowners opted for traditional wood grain cabinet doors, but recently, painted cabinets seem to be taking over in popularity. Colorful kitchens are showing up everywhere - from Pinterest to HGTV. We’ve rounded up a few of the most popular color choices below to help make your cabinet door choice a little easier.

Green. Various shades of green have taken over kitchen cabinetry. Everything from teal, to mint, to evergreen, to sage, have been seen in recent kitchen remodels. When it’s subdued, green a great way to make a colorful statement in your kitchen without being too overpowering. Another reason to go with green - it's symbolic of nature and wellness, which makes it an excellent color choice for your kitchen.

Grey. Grey isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Choosing this color for your cabinets is a great way to stand out among all-white kitchens, while still maintaining a classic and neutral approach.

Black. Bold and modern, black is a great option for a sleek statement kitchen. It looks great paired with marble accents and classic tile, like a white subway or hexagon.

Deep Blue. Classic navy blue has been an incoming trend for kitchen cabinets. It lends a moody, but timeless feel, and looks great paired with gold and copper hardware. The dark shade of the blue adds color to any kitchen, while still working as a neutral.

Blush Pink. Millennial pink has recently been popular in fashion and accessories, so it’s only appropriate that it has made its way to the kitchen. This color is a great way to add a feminine touch to any kitchen without being too bright and bold.

No matter the trends, it’s important to choose a cabinet color or finish that you will love in the long run. If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen, call us. Our team will help you design your kitchen, select your finishes, and build the kitchen of your dreams!

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