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Fire Pit Safety Tips

Outdoor fire pits are a great addition to any backyard. They look beautiful, are relatively inexpensive, and serve as a wonderful setting to enjoy cool summer nights with family and friends. While using your fire pit, it’s important to be mindful that they can cause serious damage if they are not properly cared for. Here are a few helpful guidelines to follow to ensure your fire pit is not a fire risk.

The placement of your fire pit is very important. Fire pits should be placed a minimum of 15 feet from your house or any other structure. The farther away from the fire pit, the better off it is. Make sure there are no tree branches, over hangings, or other materials above that could potentially catch on fire. Fire pits should only be placed on non-flammable surfaces like a patio or concrete, and should not be placed on grass, wooden decks, or other potentially hazardous places.

Before using your fire pit, clear all flammable materials from the area to stop a potential fire from escaping. If you have large rocks, you can pile them around the pit to create a buffer zone between the pit and surrounding area to prevent a fire from escaping.

When starting your fire, avoid using any flammable liquid that could possibly splatter - especially if it’s windy outside. Use kindling and a fire starter stick to get your fire going safely. If there is wind, make sure there are no flammable objects within reach of the fire pit.

Always make sure that your fire is supervised by an adult at all times. To prevent any jumping embers that could cause damage, consider adding a mesh grate cover on your fire pit to contain any escaping debris. Avoid throwing any trash or paper in the flame, as they can catch fire and be swept away by the wind. In the event of an accident, always have a bucket of water and shovel within reach so the flame can be extinguished quickly.

When it’s time to put out your fire, drown it with water and stir it with a shovel. Any ash should be disposed of in a specified ash can. Ash can be hot enough to start a fire for several days, and disposing of it in a compost container or cardboard box could potentially cause the area to catch fire.

Following these guidelines when you use your fire pit this summer will allow for a more relaxing, stress-free environment with your family and friends. We always suggest enjoying your fire pit with family, friends, and s’mores!

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